Audi VR Experience Le Mans

The 24-hour-race in Le Mans is a long-distance race for sports cars, which has been held near the french city Le Mans since 1923. It’s an emotional experience to watch the racing, cheer the Riders and follow a pit stop. In order to share these live-experiences, which otherwise only reserved for the Team members, Audi developed a VR-Experince for which amateurs could experience the pit stops shoulder to shoulder with the technicians. The player had the opportunity to change tires, fill up the tank or repair the Audi R18 at the “Audi Le Mans Tribute Virtual Reality“. Audi R18 is a prototype sports car, which won the race in Le Mans several times from 2011 till 2014.

Klangerfinder in cooperation with S12 developed car sounds and recorded all atmospheric sounds at the race and processed the same as a 3D-Sound for the VR-Experience. The sound is directly integrated in the Software, so that it can be published in multiple formats;

through headphones, a surround-sound or through a wave field synthesis system, which was set up in cooperation with Iosono.


Service: Carsounds, Atmo & 3D Sound

Client: Audi AG