/// Services

    Conception & Consulting:

    We love to develop sound concepts and ideas for you. We offer musical advice, translate brand values into sound, provide professional support throughout every stage from technical planning to tender offers, we set up artist ensembles, generate acoustical competitive analyses, we offer workshops, develop strategies and set goals, we develop tools for quality assurance and control - also with regard to international rollouts, we furnish expertise, guidance and much more...

    We parent individual projects from inception through conception, content and design creation to final technical implementation. With complex projects we develop ideas, strategies and goals in collaboration with our clients, distill brand values, and translate them into sounds which are specifically tailored for relevant target groups. We value efficient work flow, solid project management and consistent quality assurance.


    Live and Studio Music

    Music casting and editing, artist research, licensing from Klangerfinder's own archive (2500 tracks), label handling, rights clearance, music composition / any genre, development of innovative genre mixes and crossovers, 60 composers work in-house or via our worldwide network; we offer distillation and arrangement of target group-oriented musical worlds, music production ranging from purely digital programming to instrumental and vocal ensembles and symphony orchestra recordings, creation of scores and single voice recordings, composition and production of modular music for interactive environments, compilation/ research/ booking of live acts / DJs, development and programming of virtual musical instruments.


    On-site and Studio Sound Design

    Sound recordings with optional foley artist, access to all professional sound and sound design archives worldwide, original sound editing, original sound restoration, extensive and exclusive internal sound and SFX archive, development/ composition/ production of innovative, non-musical sounds for exclusive media productions and product design, development and production of sonic interaction and feedback sounds for interactive environments, development of interactive soundscapes.


    On-site Voice and Studio Recording

    Voice-over artist casting in any language, booking, licensing, rights clearance handling, dubbing/voice-over recording, extensive brand voice castings, voice editing, voice-over direction, restoration of voice recordings, voice recordings in our studios, via ISDN (APTX/ Music Taxi) and live in over 300 partner studios worldwide, own archive of voice actors with over 2000 voice samples, translations in every language (with lip-synching option), voice research.


    On-site and Studio Sound Recordings

    Recordings range from mono to multichannel (unlimited number of channels) in all current formats, either in our studios or worldwide using mobile technology, with synchronized image, expert teams and in-house developed technology; we provide high-class sound recordings under extreme conditions (e.g. inside of machines and vehicles, at race tracks, under water, nature sound recordings in extreme heights), ultrasound and infrasound recordings, with choice and positioning of the microphones ranging from standard to highly unconventional arrangements, original sound recordings of all kinds on the film set in stereo and in Dolby 5.1 or 7.1.


    On-site and Studio Sound Mixing and Mastering

    Sound mixing in all formats: mono - stereo - Dolby 5.1 or 7.1 - complex multi-channel mixes, all in our own testing environments, in-house wave-field synthesis mixes with Iosono surround sound system, adaptation and mastering of every mix for the final medium, taking into consideration all current uncompressed or compressed audio formats (particularly .wav, .aiff, .mp3, AAC, AC3, .m4a, DST, .wma, DolbySR, DTS), high-end mastering equipment (Massenburg, Manley, API, D.W. Fearn, Lexikon, Quantec, NEVE, Urei; see section "Studio Equipment"). Our mobile systems can act as Timecode Master on site and also run as SMPTE, OSC, MTC, RS232, MMC and LTC slaves.


    Software Development

    Executing countless projects, we notice time and again that conventional audio technologies currently available on the market quickly reach their limits whenever we need innovative and avant-garde features. This is why we keep developing project-related applications for audio recording, playback and controlling. For example, our constantly growing R&D department was responsible for audio control of the interactive globe presented in the German pavilion at the 2010 Shanghai World Expo, they created the first museum audio guide player to include image tracking as well as numerous virtual software instruments. Their steadily increasing expertise is integrated into the technical conception of our current projects.

    Software platforms:

    • IOS
    • MAXMSP
    • CSOUND
    • C++