/// Philosophy

Happily different

We are curious and open-minded.
We like to strike new and innovative paths. Our goal is to avoid going where others have already been before. In this process, we value clarity of thought and admire the simplicity of complex concepts.
Our ideas and concepts dare to be unconventional and brave.
Simply put, we are mavericks.

More than just a recording studio

We are not your average recording studio. Our core competency is to talk about sound and music, and to make best use of them.
We see the big picture, yet cherish details. We aim to meet artistic standards; at the same time, we are equally interested in the targeted effect our sounds achieve. We are not architects by profession - nevertheless, we build sound spaces.
We are sound designers, musicians, strategists, concept designers and software developers. We are inter-disciplinary and creative.
We work as a team.

Sound and image are equally important

We know that sound strengthen visual brands, that soundtracks enhance emotions in movies, and that no radio spot is complete without sound and music. Sound marches to a different tune. It can have manifold and astounding effects, and its mechanisms are not yet fully explored.
Through our contribution we hope the potential of music and sound will be recognized and appreciated so that both can be used more strategically.

At Eye Level

Constant improvement is our goal. We like challenges and continuously growing along with our customers. Our customers' success is our success. We’re not your average service provider - we care about gaining knowledge. We've reached our goal when both parties progress.

We take professional advice seriously

We are sincere and straightforward. We only recommend whatever we consider sensible.
Even if this means leaving out sound and music in order to achieve greater impact.

We work towards the future

Our concepts are modular solutions. These can be enhanced, recombined and adapted to social trends at any time.


We are a premium service provider. High performance standards and sophisticated audio productions are a matter of course in our team.


We maintain a widespread interdisciplinary network and numerous international contacts. We believe in sustainable and long-term thinking.