Björk Augmented Audio Guide, MoMA NY

From March 8th, 2015 onwards the New York Museum of Modern Art (MoMA) presented a retrospective of Icelandic musician and artist Björk.


Specifically for this exhibition, Klangerfinder has developed an 3D Augmented Audio Guide. The guide is issued to visitors on iPods, accompanied by headphones which are able to recognize the wearer’s line of sight via Head Tracking Technology. The individual exhibits use Bluetooth to determine visitors‘respective position. Based on these data, an individual 3D surround sound experience is generated in real-time: visitors listen to songs, narratives and natural sounds. Through their movements, visitors create and control their personal soundtrack, thus becoming their own arranger of an individual auditive exhibition experience.



Client: Volkswagen AG / MoMA New York

Project: 3D Augmented Audio Experience Björk

Image rights: Volkswagen Group of America