BMW Produkt Info Center

In the Product Information Center (PIC) of the BMW World, customers get an individual briefing to familiarize oneself with the functions and fitting features of the new vehicle. The introduction is taking place over an interactive presentation system with the help of 4k-technology, touch and gesture sensors which explained the complex vehicle functions in a virtual way. Klangerfinder in cooperation with Idee und Klang developed an adaptive sound system, consisting of an ambient sound and soundtrack for the presentation content.

Adaptively it means that ambient sound and sound of all briefing stations are coordinated with each other although the soundtracks for each briefing are generated individually to the presentation. Therefore 13 briefing stations were equipped with a 6-channel-Audio System.



Service: Development, Execution, Playout-Software and On site-Mixture of a phonetic space concept

Agency: ART+COM AG

Client: BMW Group

Pictures: Bodo Mertoglu