Changi Experience Studio


The Changi Airport Group in Singapore opened the “Jewel” in 2019 - an architectural highlight conceived as a shopping and entertainment complex as well as a place of inspiration. Level 4 of the building spans over 3000m2 of Changi Experience Studio: this is a multi-media exhibition designed and implemented by Milla & Partner on the Changi Airport phenomenon. It provides a place of brand identity for international audiences as well as the resident Singaporeans themselves, serving as an immersive experience space for airport staff as well. Here everyone can get to know and intensively feel the DNA of the brand Changi Airport Group.


At the start, everyone gets their own interaction tool called the Travel Guide. Using this technology developed by Milla & Partner, individual, interactive content is projected onto the personal travel guides of the visitors. They can thus explore a variety of stations and explore everything with their tool.


The entire keyboard of analog, digital, haptic and mixed reality functions is consistently played using current interaction technology: the comprehensive cross-media storytelling of the exhibition ensures a high level of immersion, variety and curiosity for experimentation. There are stations with detailed information about the brand and the airport, serious games in which processes and messages can be explored in a playful way, and many opportunities to gather special moments and share them directly with others in social media.


The highlight is the grand finale in a unique interactive sound installation - the Garden of Harmony. Interactive petals respond to touch with magical sounds and virtual butterflies, guiding visitors into the mysterious interior: a clearing where travel guides become musical instruments and visitors themselves turn into an orchestra. Wrapped up in a harmonic composition, everyone finally reaches the grand finale - a multimedia show.


Klangerfinder developed and implemented a sound concept for the exhibition in close cooperation with Milla & Partner and developed the sound installation.

Services: Sound concept and implementation, sound and music production, conception and partial implementation of a multimedia sound installation


Client: Changi Airport Group, Singapore


Agency: Milla & Partner GmbH