congstar Sound Branding


You want it. You´ve got it.

That`s what congstar told themselves and gave congstar a brand sound. Now the brand provides also a sound experience for their customers. Congstar want to sound exactly the way they are and just like what they stand for. Unique, like the look is. To get stuck in people`s mind. Just typically congstar!

That’s why we developed for congstar a brand sound, based on a modular system. A flexible brand score including different song modules, inspiring sounds, a unique tonality and a recognizable brand melody based on the sound logo.

The new congstar sound branding have been successfully launched on the latest TikTok Challenge and with the new “Probier was geht” campaign. It will become a core element of the congstar brand identity in the next years.


Scope: Sound Branding Konzept, Komposition Brand Score und Sound Logo

Client: congstar

Agencies: Klangerfinder und s12