Digital project 2minkunst


Klangerfinder developed the digital project „2minkunst.de“ for the Baden-Baden State Art Gallery. The digital project consists of an app, which enables the user to experience art far way from gallerys and museums with the help of their smartphone.

In 11 episodes, users can explore through interactive action the limits and possibilities of digitality in 2 minutes per season.

The WebApp can be used via the website "2minkunst.de" for all mobile devices and at home on the computer.



Services: Conception, design and technical development Web App, sound and film recordings


Client: Baden-Baden State Art Gallery


Website: www.2minkunst.de


© The artist, Fabian Knecht Isolation (trunk), 2018

Installation (wood, paint, lamps)

5 x 4,5 x 12 m

Courtesy the artist und alexander levy, Berlin