‘Driven by German Design’ - Qatar Museums Gallery Al Riwaq


Germany showcased its design craftmansship at „Driven by German Design“ and initiated an intercultural dialogue. The exhibition took place a spart of a cultural year, which the Qatar Museum in Doha dedicated to Germany. The extensive show was curated by Martin Roth and took place from October 2017 till January 2018 under the patronage of the German Foreign Office and the Goethe Institute. The Development of German Design since 1954 and the manifold connections between design process, designers and Zeitgeist from various areas of work from furniture design to fashion was presented in an interactive and medial mise-en-scène. Klangerfinder in cooperation with Jangled Nerves developed an interactive sound exhibit on the isseu ‚driving sound’ in the sound lounge. Also implemented was room atmosphere and recording oft he films in the ‚era spaces’.


Services: Sound- und Music Production, Spaces, Media, Sound Exhibits

Client: Volkswagen AG

Agency: Jangled Nerves GmbH

Pictures: Andreas Greiner-Napp, Gerhardt Kellermann