Some sounds arouse our desire to travel to foreign places or inspire memories of past voyages. For Erwin Hymer Museum, Klangerfinder GmbH & Co KG on behalf of Milla & Partner set out on a journey of discovery for sounds with the capability of arousing such associations: that old Vespa on a Roman piazza perhaps? The cry of an eagle soaring across Grand Canyon? Or an elephant roaming Indian forests?

In Erwin Hymer Museum, visitors may start out on an acoustic world trip on 6000m², passing through seven fascinating destinations: Italy, India, Morocco, Northern America, Scandinavia, the Baltic Sea and Southern France, to engage in an adventurous journey of discovery through travelling in the past, present and future.

The project was granted the Golden Award of Montreux in the Category „Permanent Spatial Communication“.


Conception & Design: Milla & Partner GmbH

Spatial Acoustics: Klangerfinder GmbH & Co KG

Photography: Andreas Keller