Haus der Berge - an acoustic ecosystem

The „Haus der Berge" („Mountain House“) is more than a “mere” information center for Berchtesgaden national park. It helps people to experience nature with all senses. For this museum, Klangerfinder GmbH & Co KG has developed a novel, intelligent player software which depicts the exceptional variety and complexity of the various biotopes within an acoustical ecosystem. During 14 months, the Klangerfinder team would repeatedly tour the national park to capture these complex sound landscapes in original recordings. From this they created a unique sound arrangement which generates an individual listening journey for every visitor, experiencing all four seasons in Berchtesgaden nature park.


Agency / Scenography / Exhibition Design: ATELIER BRÜCKNER GmbH

Media concept and production: TAMSCHICK MEDIA+SPACE GmbH

Technical Planning: medienprojekt P2 GmbH

Media Technology and Installation: inSynergie GmbH

Spatial Acoustics / Acoustical Ecosystem: Klangerfinder GmbH & Co KG

Photography: Michael Jungblut



3. Place at international museum award „XIX Luigi Micheletti Award 2013“

ADC Award 2014, Bronze in category „Kommunikation im Raum - permanente Themenausstellung/Spatial Communication – Permanent Themed Exhibitions“