Hyundai Motorstudio Goyang

The Hyundai Motor Studio Goyang, north-west from Seoul is the biggest automotive theme park in Korea. Visitors can find out how cars are developed and made over an area of 4 floors. The exhibition conveys the content in a practical and interactive approach. Klangerfinder created and implemented a Sound- Concept in cooperation with Idee und Klang for the entire exhibition. This way, the Team developed a Multi-Channel room sound for diverse Exhibition rooms and produced the sounds for various interactive installations. The Design Area with a kinetic sculpture, which is embedded in a 360 degree film screening is the culmination of the exhibition.


Service: Sounddesign & Music: Klangerfinder GmbH & CO KG in Cooperation with Idee und Klang GmbH, Basel

Agency: ATELIER BRÜCKNER GmbH, Tamschick Media+Space

Media Production for the Design area: Tamschick Media+Space