<h> Experience art through play: Children can digitally discover masterpieces at the Kunsthalle Mannheim with the new AR app "memo".</h>


Where can you find an iguana in the museum? With the new digital game "memo" of the Kunsthalle Mannheim, children and young people are sent on an analogue-digital adventure course through the museum with the help of augmented reality technology. Using their mobile phone or tablet, they learn about masterpieces from the collection, from Max Beckmann to Ferdinand Hodler, in a playful way. The app is aimed at children and young people aged eight and over and will be available free of charge from Wednesday, 21 October.

Embedded in an adventure story about the fictional characters Lithy and Thalia, the game leads along a course with selected works of art from the collection. These are digitally recreated as "tableaux vivants", so-called "living pictures". The free manga-style adaptations only become visible in front of the originals through augmented reality technology. For example, the white dog in Fritz Burmann's painting "The Old Man with his Dog" sometimes becomes a green iguana. Short descriptions of the pictures help children and young people to better understand the original work. Those who solve a game of skill can digitally extract objects from each work, collect them and use them to equip their own avatar, which can be projected three-dimensionally. Max Beckmann's "Fastnacht", for example, becomes a virtual comic figure whose clothes, a pair of dancing shoes, can be collected. In this playful way, the eye for the original and the interpretation are sharpened and the children are motivated to go on a foray through the Kunsthalle Mannheim.


The "memo" game can be downloaded free of charge from the Play or Apple store. Those who wish can also obtain a loaner at the Kunsthalle. A postcard set with all eleven masterpieces, as well as picture descriptions and avatar markers for home use, is also available for a nominal fee.


The AR app "memo" was developed by the Kunsthalle Mannheim together with the digital partners Klangerfinder GmbH & Co KG and Glam Games Gbr with the kind support of the Baden-Württemberg Stiftung gGmbH and MFG Baden-Württemberg mbH.


Costs: downloadable free of charge from the Play or Apple store, loaners are available at the Kunsthalle.


Client: Kunsthalle Mannheim

Concept: Glam Games / Kunsthalle Mannheim / Sound Inventors Design: Glam Games

Storytelling: Glam Games / Kunsthalle Mannheim

Implementation/programming: Klangerfinder, Glam Games