Mediaguide App Kunstmuseum Stuttgart


The Mediaguide of Kunstmuseum Stuttgart offers customizable tours along numerous highlights of the collection - tailored to the interests and requirements of the users, the free Mediaguide app is the ideal companion in the museum.


Visitors at the Kunstmuseum Stuttgart can also explore the collection presentation digitally on site. Short and concise or detailed and in-depth, for children or adults, in German or English: the Mediaguide can be individually and conveniently adapted to the interests and requirements of its users.

Even during a tour that has already begun, it is possible to switch seamlessly between different levels of content and can be flexibly adjusted or paused at any time.


The audio tracks of the guide were recorded by well-known professional speakers, including actors Astrid M. Fünderich and Walter Sittler.


Accessibility and ease of use were taken into account during development and design. In addition to the typeface and the clear navigation structure, all elements of the guide are optimized for use with common screen readers so that people with impaired vision can operate the app. People with impaired hearing will find audio transcriptions for all stations.


The Mediaguide app can be downloaded free of charge from the Google Play Store or iOS App Store from home - then connect to the WLAN on site at the Kunstmuseum Stuttgart and off site.


Customer: Stiftung Kunstmuseum Stuttgart

Scope: Concept, graphic Implementation and technical Realization App, Audio Production, Sound Design