Mercedes-Benz S-Klasse "Luxury and Well-Being


Modern luxury at the next level - Mercedes-Benz S-Class as a "third place".


Mercedes-Benz and sound inventors invite you to a completely new luxury experience.

See, feel, smell - and hear the new S-Class interior with a new interdisciplinary and holistic approach and it becomes your "third place" - a refuge between your home and your workplace.


To achieve this, Klangerfinder has developed a sound concept based on insights into the psychological effects of sound in terms of stress reduction, concentration, vitalization, comfort and well-being.


High-quality and intelligent playback systems are bundled to provide physical and mental support in monotonous or stressful situations. You will be surprised how significant the effect on your concentration can be and how confidently you can master long journeys.


The interaction of sound and the functions of the air conditioning (including scenting) and seats (heating, ventilation, vibration, and massage), wall heating, and lighting, allows for a holistic wellness setup tailored to the client's mood and needs.


A refreshing soundscape made of the sounds of ice and a cold breeze, water-blue light combined with cool blasts of air - just one of the selectable scenarios.


Supported by the Mercedes-Benz design philosophy 'Sensual Clarity' and one hundred percent commitment to quality and attention to detail, Energizing Comfort is a revolutionary and holistic interior experience at the intersection of digital and analog luxury.


Klangerfinder wishes you a safe journey!


Client: Mercedes-Benz AG

Scope of work: Soundconcept, Composition, Mixing in Car