Museum Humpis-Quartier Ravensburg

Klangerfinder GmbH & Co KG collaborated with the Music Design course of studies at Staatliche Hochschule für Musik Trossingen in creating extensive sound concepts and audio guide content (20 audio stations) for the special exhibition "Meine Heimat im Glas - Ravensburger Heimatvertriebene/My Home In A Glass – The Displaced Persons of Ravensburg" as well as designing sound installations for "Wundersame Kammern/Wondrous Chambers". One’s home does not become manifest in images and memories only, but above all in sounds and acoustical characteristics. Video and audio interviews with people expelled after WW II e.g. from Eastern Prussia, Pomerania, Silesia are enhanced by presentation of the various stages of their flight, different life histories as well as their cultural and social integration into Ravensburg town life as an acoustic experience. The many-faceted term „Heimat“ is thus made more accessible to the visitor through musical, sound and language dimensions.


Client: Museum Humpis-Quartier Ravensburg

Conception and Exhibition Design: Space4 GmbH