The exhibition „Der Weltpoet: Friedrich Rückert (1788–1866)“ honoured the poet, orientalist and time critic on the occasion of his 150th year of his death. It gave an insight to his life, creations and scientific research work. The exhibition ran over a year in three overall exhibition facilities. It started at Rückerts place of origin in the Kunsthalle Schweinfurt, then was shown in the Stadtmuseum Erlangen where it hold a professorship and in the end transferred in the Kunstverein Coburg, at his later retirement home. The visitors could walk over 5 stations of Rückerts stages of life. A perfectly adapted surround sound enabled the visitors to take back to Rückerts time. An audio-guide inaugurated the works of Rcükert in different languages, commented on the different stages of life and introduced a separate entrance for children.


Service: Development and execution of an Audioguide and Surround Sound

Client: Stadt Schweinfurt, Erlangen, Coburg

Agency: Space4 GmbH