Sound of Stuttgart

After a resolution in principle on the part of the municipal council of Stuttgart for establishing a central library at the Mailänder Platz, the original city library got converted into the <<StadtPalais – Museum for Stuttgart an opened its door fort he public in April 2018. The Stadtpalais can be understood as a space for interaction and discourse among the citizens of Stuttgart with its city.

The conception of the new Stuttgart city museum in the historic Wilhelmspalais is people-focused and questions how Stuttgart has become what is currently is, which perspectives can be docked and what vision it has for the Stuttgart of tomorrow.

While the permanent exhibition is providing multifacetet insights into the >> Stuttgarter Stadtgeschichten<< of the past, the experience exhibtiion >>Sound of Stuttgart<< can be experience in an interactive way. Klangerfinder was responsible for the content related implementation, fort he O-Tone Recordings in Stuttgart as well as the Sound Design and Music Production.


The exhibition "Sound of Stuttgart" was honored with a reddot award 2019in the category "best of the best"


Services: sound- and music production for the exhibition Sound of Stuttgart

Client: Stadtpalais Stuttgart

Agency: jangled nerves gmbh