Expo Milano - The German Pavillon

"Be active" was the motto for the sound concept Klangerfinder developed on behalf of ARGE for the German Pavilion. The motto was transferred in the truest sense of the word and with full physical involvement: the complete composition of the German Pavilion used solely human sounds – organically, authentically and interactively.

The human body is the most variable instrument of all – its sounds are diverse, familiar and, at the same time, surprising. It can create a unique musical atmosphere and original feedback sounds through interaction. Whispering, breathing, clicking, hissing – the whole diversity of sounds was used in the German Pavilion with its spaces and their sound which was solely produced from human sounds. The individual spatial sounds incorporate three levels which merge to form an overall auditive picture: sound design, music and speech.


Services: sound concept, composition, sound design, content and technical consulting and planning, conceptualization and development of software and hardware, surround sound, on-site support

Client: ARGE German Pavillon