Exhibition „Hannah Höch.Revolutionärin der Kunst“

The Kunsthalle Mannheim honoured one of the most important artists of the avant-garde with an exhibition entitled „Hannah Höch. Revolutionärin der Kunst“. The exhibition took place to mark the 100th anniversary of the Berlin Dada-Movement but also to display and recall the uninhibited variety of Höchs’ lifework, which was created over a period of 60 years from 1916 till 1979.

Hannah Höch developed a photomontage together with Raoul Hausmann and transformed the same to a political satire to call attention to discrepancies and unjust structures. For example she placed the heads of influential politicians on female bodies. Klangerfinder conceptualized a collaborative Collage for this exhibition in form of a Web-App. With this App, the visitors were able to get artistic themselves by the end of the exhibition. The pictures could be uploaded and customized with the aid of a Collage- Tool. The activities were commented with an underlaid interaction Sounds. Thus, based on the photomontage of Hannah Höch., an interactive artwork which kept changing was built. The results were projected as a livestream in the exhibition and deposited with a Soundscape. The Collage was active for 4 months and was filled with 5000 snippets and pictures.


Service: Web-App to create and collaborative Collage

Client: Kunsthalle Mannheim