In Corporation with the Kärcher Marketing team, Klangerfinder and S12 developed an innovative modular music- and soundconcept for all mediachannels as well as the entire promotional marketing material of the brand Kärcher.

,,So Clean’’, is the new audio branding for Kärcher and is now being utilized across 60 countries.

After many years of utilizing the Jazz piece ,,Spring Cleaning’’, the manufacturer of high-grade cleaning technology is now using Electro-Pop for indoor products, Rock for outdoor products and alternative modifications for professional use.

The adequate sound solution is selected from the Kärcher music assembly kit depending and according to the product, mood and type of advertising. Thereby the music style, pace and instruments can be individually personalized. Also a new Kärcher soundlogo has been developed in the context of the auditive restructuring and is based on the soundconcept of the brand.


Service: Development and implementation of a holistic Music- and Soundconcept

Client: Alfred Kärcher GmbH & Co. KG