Conception and implementation of the digital strategy for the Kunsthalle Mannheim


As a general contractor, Klangerfinder designed and implemented the digital strategy for the Kunsthalle Mannheim. The goal was to develop completely new ideas and approaches in an open-ended process that could set new standards for future art museums.

Many of these approaches are innovations individually designed for this location, which have been adapted to the specific requirements. These innovations show the different ways of reaching visitors even more individually and directly while actively integrating them.


Services: concept development for the digital strategy, planning and implementation of digital strategy tools and their content: Museum Orchestration Server (MOS), Collection Wall, KuMa App, Graphical Table, Personal Museum Catalog, Creative Lab, Online Collection, Website


The Digital Strategy project was made possible by funding from the Baden-Württemberg Foundation


Client: Kunsthalle Mannheim


Images: Dietrich Bechtel / Private