Level green - Autostadt Wolfsburg

A permanent exhibition with the title ,,Level green’’ in the Autostadt Wolfsburg deals with the topic of sustainability with its goal to make the term more tangible. Media- and interactive exhibits invite to judge one's own actions and moral grounds in regards to the topic of sustainability. For example a Serious Game, for which two players can experience the impact of energy-saving measures on a city, which they can seize through the eyes of residents, corporations or lawmakers. The consequences are visualized on the basis of a City Model and Projection Mapping. Klangerfinder inter alia developed the Sounddesign for this exhibit, the scoring of the animations and the Interactionsounds. The special part was the use of structure-borne noise converter, which let the exhibit itself turn into a echo chamber.


Service: Sound Design for Exhibits, Scoring of Animations, Interaction Sounds, On-Site adjustment

Client: Autostadt Wolfsburg

Agency: ART+COM AG